blue stringing

Blue Stringing

The Blue String Theory is a movement where each Creative Genius uses a blue string to REMEMBER who they are at their core, in the deepest part of their heart. As an act of remembrance, each Creative Genius wears a blue string around their wrist to give to another person at a unique moment in time in an act of gratitude and recognition to help us all remember that we are all ONE.

To complete the feedback loop of giving and receiving, each Creative Genius will state their creative desire on the blue stringing tab of Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory’s website.

It is here where each individual can enter the game PLAY FORWARD/MATCH BACK. This game is where all Creative Geniuses in the world can play forward by presenting their extreme creativity (whether it be a thought, an act, a dream, an idea or a wish) and match back to or up with someone searching for something similar. This is the process of connecting one person to another to another like bright, imaginary pearls and stars gathering on an ethereal blue string.

The act of reading Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory then using this website to interact with one another will propel everyone’s creativity to another level. This was designed so that each person on Earth can move forward down the line and keep discovering more of their true self. True selves in a state of knowing and seeing others as their true self is what allows all of humanity to embrace creation, truth, goodness and beauty.

Through the Blue String Movement, blue strings will stretch around the world thousands of times and create a new LOGOS, a new vibration of love and harmony. Peace on earth, individually and collectively, will become a reality.

Downloadable vintage tags for which blue strings are to be attached are available here to make the game exponentially more fun. Print the tag and tie a blue string to them. Pass them along like business cards (because you are now in the busy-ness of knowing your true self and inspiring creativity in others) to be further passed along in an act of gratitude and recognition assisting others in remembering the feeling that we are all one.

    download tag