Welcome to Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory, Book One: Queen of Her Fate… a fiction eBook, a physical book, blog, videos and a way to use the Internet the same way you use your mind—searching inner space.

Mrs. Velvet is a character who gives permission to break all the rules you ever learned about reading. Nonfiction teaches—you read it with your intellect. Fiction entertains—you read with your heart. As a human, YOU are both fiction and nonfiction. Mrs. Velvet and the Blue String Theory is a trilogy that allows you to explore the recesses of your mind in a way that will help you to better know yourself and the worlds in which you exist.

Hyperstringing. Do you know what that is? Maybe not! Words have non-linear power. Some words on this page have more meaning than they can hold in small space. You can hyperstring right here on this page. Take a chance—click on any word and see if it takes you elsewhere. The links are hidden. You’ll have to use your intuition to choose the magic words. Start now to train your brain to see everything in life as a hunt for treasure!

All aboard! Travel kaleidoscopic passageways by word and thought. Creativity here is an open door to interaction. Links in the eBook take you to music. Read the poetry aloud to have its meaning change from screen or paper. Do the math. Play with the puzzles. Read the book from front to back and then again from back to front (it works). Study the graphics for clues. Float along the Grief Graph with your valid passport and your Golden Ticket.

This reading journey takes you as far as YOU can go. Beware of your mind trying to make sense of the mystery as you make so many connections you can no longer track them all. Watch the cinema (different than a “trailer”) and see it create new meaning—just for you. Remember, film is composed of frames and spaces. What you see in between the frames and spaces is your own story. Grab a piece of Paris as a souvenir!

Step Into Cinema